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Glass, Lazerlite & Polycarbonate Skylight Cleaning

If you’re tired of looking up at a grimy, dirt-covered skylight, iWindowsCBD can help.

With our specialised skylight cleaning tools, we can provide you with a complete clean that’s affordable and convenient. Inquire about your skylight cleaning service online today.

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Polycarbonate Skylight Cleaning

If you’ve never had your skylights cleaned before, it can be hard to see why you would, especially if they look fine.

But the truth of the matter is that the longer you leave your skylight, the dirtier it will get and the higher chance there is of damage.

Over time, grime, bird droppings, dirt, sticks, leaves and more can collect on your skylight.

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Polycarbonate Skylight Cleaning

And the longer they’re there, the more time they have to damage not just the glass or plastic surface, but the rubber seal around it.

It can also stain your skylight or create small scratches that refract and dim the light coming through permanently.

The best way to keep your skylight in peak condition for as long as possible is to get it cleaned regularly.

We recommend at least once a year, more if you live in an area with lots of trees.

Professional Skylight Cleaning Services

Let the light back into your home or business with our cleaning services.

Using specialised tools and roof harnesses, we can clean skylights at almost any height.

This means you can get your skylights cleaned faster, cheaper & safely. Our team roll up on the day of your service and get the job done, leaving you with clean results.

We can clean both glass and polycarbonate skylights with great results.

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“Why Choose iWindowsCBD for your Skylight Cleaning Service?

You don’t need to search for skylight cleaning services near me any more, because we’ve got you and Melbourne covered for all your skylght cleaning needs.

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Residential Skylight Cleaning

Our residential skylight cleaning services ensure your skylights are perfectly clean throughout the year.

We can remove general grime and dirt as well as harder-to-remove substances such as moss and lichen.

We’ll restore your skylights to their original condition and let the light back into your home.

Commercial Skylight Cleaning

Our commercial skylight cleaning service is designed to deliver comprehensive results for commercial properties.

We offer our services for small and large-sized businesses, cleaning skylights for offices, retail stores, warehouses and more.

“Not Just Skylight Cleaning”

While iWindowsCBD specialises in window cleaning, we offer a wide range of services to help you keep the outside of your property clean. As well as skylight cleaning, we can provide window cleaning, gutter cleaning, balcony cleaning and more, delivering comprehensive, professional results.

Book more than one service and you can save time and money by getting all your cleaning done on the same day.

Our team will arrive with everything we need to get the job done and more, making sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work. Plus, inquiring is easy! Simply select the services you want in our online Inquiry Form, choose the date and time, and we’ll arrive ready to talk to you about your skylight cleaning service!

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