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iWindowsCBD’s High Dusting Services are the perfect dusting solution for

Commercial properties and Residential homes with cathedral ceilings.

With specialised tools, we can vacuum those hard-to-reach high areas

quickly and effectively.

Our Services

• Residential • Strata

• Atriums • Commercial Businesses

• Gymnasiums• Schools & Universities  • Factories & Workshops

• Churches • Warehouses • Wet & Dry Applications

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bestest high dusting

“Why Choose iWindowsCBD High-Level Dusting”

Unlike the other so-called high dusting cleaning businesses, when it comes to cleaning, the competition just pushes the dust around and into the air with cloths and fibre dusters!!

We however use an industrial grade 3-stage filter vacuum with an airflow rate of 7166 litres per minute! No matter how thick the dust and dirt are, the Sky Vac has the power to vacuum up even the most stubborn dirt, and keep it contained!

As you can see iWindowsCBD is a leading innovative cleaning company in Melbourne, committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We are a team of professional cleaners with years of experience, focused on delivering Professional Customer Service from start to finish.

Our mission is to provide you with affordable and transparent high-dusting services that deliver the results you deserve.

Here are just some of the reasons our customers come back time and time again.

4 Storey Reach! <12m

High Reach Internal Vacuuming from the ground, that’s an incredible <12m Reach!

Wet & Dry Applications

No matter how thick the dust and dirt are, the Sky Vac has the power to vacuum up even the most stubborn dirt & mud.

5 Star Reviews – 100% Satisfaction

Don’t take our word for it!

Checkout our reviews on Google &

Word of Mouth

Professionally Trained & Licensed Team

• Work Safely At Heights – RIIWHS204E

• EWP <11M – RIIHAN301E

• White Card Vic – CPCCWHS1001

Industrial Grade 78ltr Vacuum Cleaner

3 Stage HEPA Filter Vacuum, with an airflow rate of 7166 litres per minute!

Tailored Cleaning Services

We listen and tailor a package to meet your cleaning needs & we will work within your budget to achieve this.

“Why Book A High Dusting Vacuum Cleaning Services?”

High dusting isn’t just about getting rid of dust.

With our specialized industrial vacuum cleaners, we can take care of the thickest combustible dust and grime buildup, leaving your property clean and Work Sfafe Vic compliant, improving air quality and reducing the impact on you and your staff’s health and potential damage to your property.

We can Vacuum the dust anywhere from ground level up to 12 meters high. As we work from ground level, no ladders or expensive lift hire is not necessary, saving you time and money. With high dusting, you can get rid of dust and grime on:

• Walls & Ceilings 

• Eaves, Roof Struts & Beams

• A/c Vents & Exposed Interior Ducting

• Plant Equipment

• Hanging Fixtures + More, you name it we can clean it!

high_level_vacuuming high_level_vacuuming

High Dusting

Commercial High Dusting

We offer high dusting and cleaning services for Commercial Properties of all sizes, from Strata Apartments to Warehouses, Retail Stores, Factories, Workshops & more.


Our aim is to make sure your customer’s experience and property aren’t damaged by dust and grime, so you can give them your best as well.

Our commercial-grade equipment guarantees incredible results.

We aim to make it as easy as possible to get the cleaning you need, so if you have specialised requirements or need additional services after you’ve booked, simply contact us and our team will be able to help you.

Get The Complete Cleaning Package!….


By Adding Any One Of Our Additional Cleaning Services Below.


Window Cleaning


Gutter-Vac Cleaning


Skylight Cleaning


Auto Floor Scrubbing


Biohazard Cleaning


Embedded Oil Stain Cleaning


High-Level Vacuuming

Residential High Dusting

By dusting high and hard-to-access high areas, you can keep your home cleaner for longer and far more hygienic.

Our residential high dusting services target dust at the source, stopping buildups of dust from spreading around your home and provoking allergies.

If you suffer from asthma or constantly find dust building up in your home, high dusting might be the answer.

Talk to our team today for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is high dusting?

High dusting, also known as high vacuuming with HEPA filtration, involves the cleaning of surfaces that are over 4 meters high. This process is particularly useful for cleaning air vents, ceilings, eaves, roof struts, and beams found in both residential and commercial buildings with cathedral ceilings. By safely removing accumulated dust, bacteria, and dirt, this technique helps maintain a clean and healthy environment.

How high can you clean?

Our industrial vacuum with HEPA filtration can reach up to 12 meters from the ground.

How often should I high dust?

This is dependent on a number of environmental factors but, for a typical Residential home every 5 – 10 years, for Commercial properties like warehouses, workshops & atriums, this can be a yearly occurrence.

How do you charge for high dusting?

We use a mixture of ways to quote, by the square meterage, the number of staff needed and the complexity/scope of the works.