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iWindows CBD Offers Affordable & Convenient Balcony Cleaning Melbourne

iWindowsCBD Is Melbourne’s Only Comprehensive
Balcony Cleaning Service Provider!

• Balcony Window Cleaning

• Balcony Tile Cleaning

• Glass Scratch Removal/Repair

• Embedded Oil Stain Removal

• Tile Rust Stain Removal

• Soft Wash Stain Cleaning

Tailored Balcony Cleaning Service

iWindows CBD is Melbourne’s leading name in exterior cleaning for commercial and residential properties. We offer comprehensive cleaning for balconies, helping you keep your balcony clean year-round and enjoy the benefits it brings. Our tailored services give you a complete balcony clean that meets your budget and ensures you can enjoy a pristine balcony for as long as possible.

Our simple online booking system makes it easy to book your service. Simply click on the booking button, fill in your details and a team will arrive on time to clean your balcony. If you need other windows or other parts of your property cleaned, you can add them to your service during the booking phase. For more information on any of our services, simply contact us! We’re always around to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services.

Balcony Cleaning Melbourne

Choose from our 3 Balcony Window lengths below.
Choose the Balcony Window Length that best matches your own property.

If you are after Internal Window Cleaning other than the balcony windows you can select this as an additional add-on during the booking phase.

Penthouses, Sub-penthouses & Apartments with Extra Large Balconies that are after Window & Balcony Cleaning,
please request an onsite quote.
Still not sure what to book? Then give Me a call, and I can answer any question you might have.

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Balcony Window Cleaning


0-3 metres in length

  • Windows washed inside & out $89**
  • Frames wiped
  • Tracks cleaned on sliding doors
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Add Balcony floor cleaning to this service!
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*one side only +GST


Balcony Window Cleaning


8-10 metres in length

  • Windows washed inside & out $120**
  • Frames wiped
  • Tracks cleaned on sliding doors
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Add Balcony floor cleaning to this service!
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*one side only +GST

Balcony Tile Cleaning

Our full balcony cleaning service includes balcony tile cleaning, a comprehensive process where we tackle deep-set grime and stains with specialised tools. We’ll soak, scrub and cleanse your balcony tiles, restoring them to their near new condition. With several options to choose from, you can get the service that best suits your needs and budget. We also specialise in stain removal on balcony tiles. This cleaning process uses chemicals to safely treat and remove organic stains & rust marks on your balcony tiles to achieve incredible results. You can read more about this service below, or contact us directly for more information.

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We offer two options for cleaning your balcony.
Choose the option that best suits your balcony & cleaning needs.
The set prices shown below is for a maximum balcony length of 10m x 2.5m (LxD) per balcony.
Penthouses, Sub-penthouses or Apartments with an Extra Large balcony, L-shaped, Wrap-around balconies and Courtyards please request a quote.

Balcony Tile Scrubbing $99+GST

This service suits a balcony that has:

• Light To Med Dust & Dirt

• A Sloping Balcony Floor With No Drainage

Your tiles are machine scrubbed with an eco-friendly detergent, cleaning your tiles & grouting, and vacuuming off the excess water leaving the balcony floor dry & streak-free.


Balcony Low-Pressure Washing $99+GST

This service suits a balcony that has:

• A Balcony With A Lot Of Dirt & Grime

• Drain Holes Or Floating Tiles

Your balcony tiles & walls are sprayed with an eco-friendly Ph neutral foam detergent to break down the grease and grime then we Low-pressure Wash.
Low-Pressure Washing is only available to balconies that have adequate drainage.
Sloping Balconies without drain holes cannot book this service instead, book a Balcony Floor Scrubbing Service.


We provide creative solutions!

Soft Washing, Embedded Oil & Biohazard Cleaning*

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning process that uses chemicals to safely treat and remove organic matter & rust marks that Pressure Washing alone can’t clean.
• Rust-stains  • Red-earth stains • Calcium leaching • Pet Urine stains • Biohazard Cleaning
• Green Algae/Mould • Moss & lichen

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Embedded Oil Stain Cleaning

• Vegetable Oil • Animal Fat • Engine Oil
The cleaning method used is Highly Effective on,
• Bluestone • Concrete • Porous Stone & Unsealed Tiles.
The cleaning process takes 24-hours to clean using the poultice method.
• Day 1, Application of the poultice
• Day 2, Clean-up of the poultice

*Soft Washing, Tile Stain & Biohazard Cleaning is a separate service to Balcony Tile Pressure Washing & Scrubbing.
Additional charges apply $POA

Embedded Oil Stain Removal On Tiles

Soft Washing-Pet Urin Staining

Biohazard Pigeon Poop Cleaning

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Book your balcony clean online today and get your balcony cleaned by professionals. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible results. For more information or assistance with bookings, contact us directly.

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